Brandi Kicenski(non-registered)
Just received my most recent photos of the boys from Giles Smiles Photography and am SO in love!!!! I don't post my kiddos online so you'll have to take my word for it, but Jess is AWESOME at getting great shots, even of my busy toddler! She's worth every penny!
Tina Davis and Dakota Bostock(non-registered)
Thank you very much you did an amazing job
Tara H(non-registered)
Jessica was absolutely wonderful. She was very professional and her talent was extremely evident. She was great at getting our girls to cooperate and she did a wonderful job of capturing their personalities. She knew how to keep them engaged and made it fun for them. Thank you, Jessica! We love our pictures!
Just recently had Maternity photos taken with family & needless to say I was 34 weeks pregnant with twins & a huge prego brain SO I had better days, seemed like everything went wrong that morning, & I had not even put any makeup on to pretty myself but she still managed to capture great shots & a wide variety as well! & By great I mean even my hard to please nothing is ever good enough mother was impressed and said they were all great! & You know how men are, my husband was also happy with the photos! Jessica also was very considerate & took all my picky suggestions into consideration!! We will have these memories & photos to cherish for a long time to come! It makes me all the more excited for the Twins arrival & their first photos!! These are going to be pretty hard to top! ; )
WOW! You are so talented!
This was our first homecoming and it ended up being a LONG 3 hour wait in the hot sun! Jessica was so patient and helpful while she, my 18 month old, and I stood by the pier for that long wait. When my husband finally got off the ship, she was almost invisible as we finally got to say hello after this long 8 month deployment. But she got the best pictures of the three of us that we will cherish forever! I am so happy with ALL of the pictures and would HIGHLY recommend Giles Smiles for capturing your special moment!
Thank you again, Jessica!
Shannon Walls(non-registered)
Jessica came to my home to photograph my rather uncooperative newborn a few weeks after her birth. It was an overcast day and I don't have nice big windows in my house so I wasn't expecting much from the shoot but what I got back was awesome! She did such a great job capturing my little one with her daddy and my heart just melts to see those pictures!
Natalie Redor(non-registered)
Jessica did an awesome job in capturing our homecoming. The weather wasn't the best that day but she was still able to take some awesome photos and we are happy those memories were captured. Thank you Jessica!!! I cant wait to schedule our family photo shoot and a photo shoot for Noelia with you!
Tabitha Rosas(non-registered)
Jessica did an awesome job this is my first professional photo shoot of one my children they turned out perfect. I love them all!! thank you sooo much. She was very patient and took her time taking newborn photos. I loved them so much.
Natalie Kinney(non-registered)
I was soooo excited to take Jessica's DSLR 101 class, and she did not disappoint! The class was awesome and she made shooting in manual seem so much more doable. The way she explained everything was very simple, and it really helped to have some guidelines for general scenarios! After our class we headed out to a park to try some hands on shots and it was nice to have her there for the instant feedback! Thanks again Jessica!!
Sarah Diller(non-registered)
I just took Jessica's Master of Manual DSLR 101 class and I now understand!!! The way she breaks down and explains each setting makes it sooo easy to understand. Her general rules of thumb for setting your settings and her advice for problem solving from there made me feel confident to use my camera in manual. During our one lesson, I went out and took photos in manual and they weren't black! They look good! I learned how to tell if the photo I took is crap and how to fix it! A lot of work to go but I am now confident to keep learning. I'm never putting my camera back on auto! (Promise!)
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